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The first blockchain-based qualified intermediary for legally deferring capital tax gains on your cryptocurrency investments.

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Designed to protect you and your gains

Swapper is a service known as a Qualified Intermediary that allows digital currency investors to defer paying capital gains taxes on their profits through the use of the 1031 "Like-Kind" exchange.

Deferred Tax Payment

A like kind exchange allows you to "park" your crypto investments for up to 6 months with zero tax liability.

Like Kind Exchange

 We offer a strategic timing option allowing you to ride out highly volatile market conditions.

Asset-Neutral Smart Contracts

 We can quickly and safely move your crypto and other investments into fiat. Real Estate, Business Assets, Aircraft, Artwork, Intellectual Property etc, all can be exchanged.

How Swapper works

The Swapper platform is a legally registered Qualified Intermediary service that will allow digital currency investors to carry out 1031 like-kind exchanges on your cryptocurrency with all the benefits of blockchain technology. While traditional Qualified Intermediary services rely on e-mail, snail mail and require burdensome paperwork, Swapper will allow instant transactions designed for volatile conditions, privacy through encryption and robust security. At the same time, Swapper will generate a record of transactions on the blockchain that will make it easier for investors to properly track, prepare and file their necessary paperwork.

To put it simply, the process of a tax deferral using Swapper would look like this:

Alice buys 1 Bitcoin on 1-1-2015 for $100.00. Bitcoin increases in value to $200.00 on 1-2-2016. Alice wants to sell her Bitcoin. Alice is a top income earner and calculates that she is subject to 35% capital gains tax rate on her profit of $100.00, or $35.00.

Scenario 1: Alice sells her Bitcoin on 1-2-2016 for $200.00 pays $35.00 to the IRS. This leaves Alice with $165.00. On 2-2-2016 the price of Bitcoin crashes back to $100.00 and Alice wants to re-invest. She logs into Coinbase and makes the purchase and receives 1.65 Bitcoins in her wallet.

Scenario 2: Alice decides to sell her Bitcoin on 1-2-2016 for $200.00 and chooses to defer taxes on her gains and engages Swapper to be her Qualified Intermediary to facilitate the transaction. Alice / Swapper sells her Bitcoin for $200.00 with the full $200.00 credited to her escrow account on Swapper. On 2-2- 2016 the price of Bitcoin crashes back to $100.00 and Alice wants to re-invest. She logs into Swapper and makes the purchase and receives 2 Bitcoins in her wallet.

The power of Swapper is evident: 2 Bitcoin vs. 1.65.

Read the white paper
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Join our Initial Token Offering

To finance its development, Swapper is having a public ITO. We are glad to announce that U.S. based purchasers are allowed to participate. Swapper is not responsible for legal issues in any other jurisdiction: before participating research your local laws.

The ITO will be carried out in two stages, to offer benefits to early investors, judge interest from the community and generate excitement.

Fund distribution

Legal: 5.0%
Operations: 10.0%
Reserve: 15.0%
Marketing & PR: 15.0%
Product development & maintenance: 30.0%
Business Growth: 25.0%

Swapper will keep 24 million SWAP tokens in escrow for future development purposes and team members. Any unsold tokens will be placed in the reserve. They will be locked for one year after the ITO is completed and released gradually through a publicly visible smart contract. Records will be kept openly and transparently, and broadcasted through Swapper’s channels.

Phase 1: Soft Cap

Starts: December 4, 2017
Ends: Until soft cap goal is reached
Total: 1 million SWAP tokens (ERC20)
Token price: $0.25 USD
Goal: $250,000 USD

Phase 2: Hard Cap
75 million SWAP tokens at 0.50 USD for a $37,750,000 USD.

Total supply: 100 million SWAP tokens (ERC20).

For ease of accountability, tokens will be worth $1 USD inside the platform. SWAP tokens will be listed on major exchanges.

Accepted purchasing methods: ETH, BTC and USD via bank transfer.

ITO is live!

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Michael Kuhn (CEO)

Michael Kuhn’s career has consisted of several high level accounting, finance and data management positions within the business consulting and foodservice sectors. The majority of his career was spent with Compass Group USA, a $16 billion contract foodservice company, where he was Director of the Contract / Data Management Office, overseeing the legal department’s information systems. He has also implemented and managed various enterprise database systems including accounting, human resources, payroll, scheduling, contract management and various reporting systems.

Matthew Yavorcik (COO)

Matt Yavorcik has spent the last 18 years in project and construction management, focusing on the high tech industry. He started his career with Shelco, Inc. ($300M+), in their Advanced Technologies Group focusing on semiconductor cleanroom manufacturing, mission critical power infrastructure and data center design and construction. Being an entrepreneur at heart he left to focus on projects in the growing internet/ VoIP/ data sector with primary customer being the 2nd largest cable and internet provider in the US, Time Warner Cable. He has successfully managed over $76M in complex projects in the Carolinas.

Marty Yavorcik (Founder)

Marty earned a Juris Doctorate from Case Western Reserve University. After practicing law for over fifteen years he discovered Bitcoin in 2013 and immediately dedicated his professional life to investing, trading, and learning about Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology. After several years as a full time cryptotrader, he imagined Swapper as a necessary tool for protecting the crypto community and helping to secure mass adoption. Marty was a guest speaker at Cryptolina, owned the first Bitcoin ATM in Ohio, and is passionate about encryption and security.

Full biographies can be found in the white paper. The Swapper team understands the importance of transparency and full disclosure. Please feel free to reach out to and we will personally respond to any inquiries.

What is Swapper?

Swapper is a service known as a Qualified Intermediary that allows digital currency investors to defer paying capital gains taxes on their profits through the use of the 1031 "Like-Kind" exchange.

Do I have to pay taxes on BitCoin (or any Crypto Currency) gains?

If you are subject to United States Tax Laws the answer is yes.

The IRS has ruled that Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., are "convertible virtual currencies" that are considered capital assets and subject to capital gains taxes. Please see IRS Notice 2014-21. The IRS has recently signaled that it fully intends to enforce this requirement as evidenced by its recent John Doe subpoena to Coinbase for all users registration information. Please see: and-the-irs-c4e2e386e0cf

What is a 'Like Kind' Exchange?

Internal Revenue Code Section 1031 allows you the opportunity to defer capital gains taxes owed upon the sale of investment or income property by exchanging the property for other like-kind property. The IRS states specific guidelines that must be followed and a Qualified Intermediary provides for a safe harbor exchange.

What is the Capital Gains Tax?

Capital gains is the difference between what a capital asset sells for and the "adjusted basis" in the asset. When investment property is purchased, the purchase price becomes the initial cost basis. For example: If you acquire 1 BTC on 1-1-2017 @ 3000.00 USD that is your basis.

What is the difference between a Sale and an Exchange?

A sale is an exchange of property for cash or other property which is not "like-kind" to your asset and therefore taxable.The IRS states that an exchange is a non-taxable sale because you, the taxpayer will sell investment property and replace it with investment property, which is like-kind.

What does Like-Kind mean?

IRC 1031(a)(1) allows for the exchange of property held for productive use in a trade or business or for investment for like-kind Replacement Property. For example: A myriad of court cases and IRS rulings have established the definition of "like-kind" real estate to be very broad. Examples of like-kind property include single-family rentals, multi-unit housing, commercial or industrial properties, ranches, and bare land. Provided a property has not been personally used, such as a principal residence or second home, it should qualify for a 1031 Exchange.

What is the difference between a Sale and an Exchange?

No more than if you just sold the property. The tax-deferred exchange has been a part of the Tax Code in one form or another since 1921. Just like Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), if you follow the rules and guidelines, the law allows for tax deferral until the property is ultimately sold and you receive the cash.

What is the benefit if taxes will eventually have to be paid?

With proper estate planning, you may never pay capital gains tax! There are many tax- planning vehicles that allow taxpayers to relinquish their low basis assets without paying taxes. Gifts to loved ones, charitable contributions, and certain irrevocable trusts are just a few options available to savvy investors.

When and how should the Exchange process begin?

You must first select a Qualified Intermediary ("QI") to facilitate the exchange. Swapper is a professional company that specializes in processing 1031 exchanges. Swapper's services must be retained prior to the closing of the existing property. Waiting until after the closing will be too late!

How are the Exchange Funds protected?

Swapper maintains a $1,000,000 fidelity bond to protect you from loss. Each exchange account is segregated which adds another layer of security making Swapper one of the safest QI's in the nation. It is also Swapper's policy that two Corporate Officer signatures are required to transfer funds at any time.

After I choose Swapper, then what?

Upon closing the sale of the Relinquished Property, you must adhere to two timetables which both begin on the date the existing property is transferred. First, you must identify, in writing, possible replacement properties within 45 days of the closing. Swapper will provide you with a form on which you may list up to three potential replacement properties of any value. Once you have completed the ID form, you must return it to Swapper by 11:59PM on the 45th day.

Can cash be taken out while still doing the Exchange?

Yes! However, any cash received will be subject to capital gains tax. You may take cash out at the closing of the sale property or upon completion of the exchange. Since you will be taxed on any proceeds being removed from the exchange, it will also be necessary to determine what your capital gain would be had you simply sold your property. If you take cash out equal to or more than your capital gain, then you will be paying all the tax owed. An exchange at this point would be needless.

I still do not understand. Can you show me why I should do a Swapper Exchange?

The concept is simple. Buy an asset, it increases in value, sell the asset, hold profits in escrow, re-invest the profits in a "like-kind" asset within a specific time frame, defer paying taxes. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat and build wealth!

What if I want to cancel my Swapper Exchange?

You can cancel at anytime and we will release all funds in escrow to an account at your direction. If you close the swap all capital gains taxes will be due and it is your responsibility to make sure they are paid. The fee for opening the exchange is not refundable.

How do I know my cost basis in my new property?

Swapper is working on building this capability into our platform; however, it all starts with YOU knowing the original cost for your BitCoin (or other currency). If you have that information, we can then help provide the accounting trail from the cost of your original coin to the costs basis of your new exchanged coin.

What does Swapper give me that will help with filing my taxes?

For each Swapper Exchange, you will be able to access a detailed report (PDF file) showing you all activity for that Exchange. This will provide the necessary information to help you file your tax returns.

Can Swapper help me prepare my tax return?

No. Swapper is not a substitute for your tax or legal professional. As a Qualified Intermediary Swapper is prohibited from acting as any tax, legal, or business advisor.

I am not comfortable doing a Swapper Exchange with an electronic signature. What other methods do you provide?

We can provide all documents to you via snail mail, Fed-Ex, or UPS but additional fees will be incurred.

Can I do a Swapper Exchange for stocks, bonds, real estate? What is 'Like-Kind' to Bitcoin (or Crypto-Currency)?

No. Swapper cannot opine as to the tax consequences of exchanging Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. Please consult your own personal tax advisor for guidance on this issue.

How does Swapper determine the price of the BitCoin (or other Crypto-Currency)?

Swapper uses to determine price for all digital currencies at the time of each transaction.